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04 Celica OEM headlights for sale- STEAL!

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hey guys im looking to sell my 04 celica OEM headlights, they're in great condition but they are taking up WAY too much room in my garage, i just got rid of my tail lights during a meet in NJ and i was planning on getting rid of the headlights but the folks didnt have enough money for both. im looking for 120 OBO + shippinng unless u live near me and wanna come pick it up (we can meet somewhere) IM NOT DRIVING MORE THAN 25 miles, lets just put it that way. I know the rules and i WILL have pics up by tonight tomorrow morning latest so PLEASE dont erase this :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:.

like i said headlights are a STEAL, great condition basically NO dirt or grim (yellowing) inside or outside (i will even "wax" headlights before shipping them off, they've been inside a box that my new headlights came in so they have been guarded by a styrofoam housing and a box, no tabs broken, everything is INTACT no cracks NOTHING.

come on guys, you KNOW this is a great deal and even if you dont need it, you can turnaround and sell them for a bigger profit, headlights in this good of conditions for for 200 bucks! YEA THATS RIGHT 200! ITS OVER 100!!!!!!!!:bang:

im just looking to get rid of em guy i need more space in garage (getting too crowded) and more money for MODS! headers and what not. so if you live in ct or near JUMP ON THIS AMAZING DEAL!

again, pics will be up tonight or tomorrow morning, so keep an eye out for them!
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hey guys, as promised, here are some pics, more pics on request:
this is how it'll come packaged, both of them

here is the driver's side

another shot of the driver's side (a bit clearer i think)

this is the passenger's side

another shot of the passenger's side ( a bit clearer i think)

so thats basically it folks, also, when i bought my aftermarket headlights one of my highbeams went out, so stupid old me went to autozone and bough two sylvania cool blue 9005 bulbs($40+), when i went to put them on, whoops, my aftermarket housings are only for h1 bulbs not 9005s, so since i had opened them i couldnt returned them and they've been sitting in my garage aswell. therefore with the purchase of these AMAZING headlights i'll throw in the cool blues that have NEVER BEEN USED! for those that dont know, the cool blues are supposed to give your light a slight blueish look (kinda like HIDS) they also are 25% brighter and has a wider range. these are them (and these are also the boxes the headlights will come in):

you can kinda see some of the blue coloring on the bulb itself

and this is them in the original packaging.... well you know what i mean

well folks there you have it, 200 dollar headlight housings, with $40+ highbeam lights for that an awesome new look all for 120
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shipping cost to 21017? pm me also too man.
as priority mail it'd be 26 or 18 bucks as parcel post thru USPS

29.68 bucks in ups ground
well guys these are currently on dibs, however if nothing happens i'll let you guys know, i know there's been a huge fight about these >.> but all great things had to come to an end :( i'll let you guys know what other things i have to sell, maybe a ps2 or xbox 360 limited edition modern warfare 2 consore? who knows
pmd back, let me know the dets.
for sure man, im not trying to rip anyone off, i love the NC community and i've always gotten GREAT products from GREAT ppl at GREAT prices. so i figured its time to give back to the community.
Sold to me, Paid last night.
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