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1/4 mile, reliability question.

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I am kind of shopping around for a new car and I really really like the new celica gts. I am kind of between celica gts, grand am gt, and sentra specv.

Just wondering how fast are celicas in a 1/4 mile? The gts model with 5 and 6 speeds?

And are they pretty reliable cars?

Thanks for the help.
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Grand Am GT is bad, I had one as a rental.

GTS is a mid-high 14's car with a good driver. GTS has a 6-speed tranny. It's a Toyota, and generally they are reliable, however there are some TSB's that Celica owners should know about.

The SE-R Spec V is a neat car, I like the LSD. Kinda regular looking, although is a great buy for the price.
It always comes down to the driver with all cars.

Like it was said above, the GT-S can run well into the 14's with a good driver. That's with mods though. A few members have hit 14.9's and 14.8's stock, but its rare. With I/E low to mid 14's are a very possible. The 5spd is only on the GT. Those generally only see mid to low 15's with mods. One person I believe has ever broken a 14 in one.

Spec-V is good for the price, but IMO was over hyped before it came out. The powerband kind of dies to early in the car when I drove it. When you think it's really going to start pulling it hits the rev-limiter. As for the track fastest time I have personally witnessed was a 14.8 he had I/H/E and stripped out back seat. I see them generally running 15.1-15.4 all day long, with the occasional 14.9's.
If you want a front wheel drive car for straight line speed,
Get an Srt-4, they handle pretty well too. Overall, very nice looking car even if people tell you "its still just a neon".

If you want a front wheel drive car with decent straight line speed, awesome braking, and awesome handling in it's class, get a GT-S or Integra Type R

If you are on a budget, a Spec V is awesome because it can compete just as well as the GT-S and Type R in straight line speed, and has decent handling (doesn't have independent rear suspension, more like a beam), but it does have a limited slip differential, and it's the lowest priced car of the bunch.

I wouldn't even consider the Grand Am GT.
It just doesn't fit the image of what you're trying to get.
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