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100,000 miles; Amsoil oil analysis @ 3771 mi/5 mo and extended intervals

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As usual, I run an oil analysis on a sample of my oil around every 5,000 miles.

Below are the results.

(Note that Sample #1 is Royal Purple, the rest are Amsoil's Signature Series)

This most recent sample I didn't run it as long because I wanted to send the sample in at 100,000 miles. There's also a longer time period between samples since I bought a second vehicle back in August (2007 Yamaha R6).

No major issues so far on the car. Nothing had to be repaired yet. Fuel dilution was a bit worse but I had my car idling a LOT this oil change, so not a concern. I replaced my spark plugs at 90,555 and it seemed to help the fuel dilution a bit.

Next oil change: 15,000 miles!!!

Now that Amsoil has released their Ea (15,000 limited warranty oil filters) for Toyota applications, I'm totally going to try it out and be the guinea pig for the Celica community. (Current sample is with a WIX filter, previous ones were using a MANN filter)

Previously they withdrew their original EaO 25,000 mile filters for Toyotas due to some cars filling the filters before 25,000 miles. After some research they modified them and are re-releasing them for 15,000 miles / 1 year. (Link for anyone interested, the GT-S uses the Ea15K10)

I'm going to continue running samples at every 5,000 miles and posting them for anyone's interest. I take the sample from the dipstick with a small hose and fluid pump.

If I can keep my fuel dilution to a minimum, I should be able to make it until 15,000 miles. (Seems the 2ZZ-GE is susceptible to fuel dilution in extended oil changes though)

My average MPG is about 31 MPG. If I drive economically I can achieve 35 MPG (most recently). Typically though I drive fairly aggressively.
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Results actually look like a wash with my Mobil 1 results with 8,000 miles and the Toyota filter. My numbers are actually a bit better but my drive is all highway with very little idling. Fuel consistently around 0.5%.

Was considering giving Amsoil a try, but doesn't seem to be any compelling reason to do so.
My drive is a lot of city driving and idling. Sometimes less than 5 mile commutes each way. Certainly more severe on the oil. I also may have other problems with my engine considering my compression test yielded 170 PSI (across) and most people claimed 200 PSI. Wet test was 220. Also, I obviously have slight fuel dilution problem. That's all I can identify at this time.

I'd love to look at your analysis. Could you link me to it?
Any clue how they modified the filters? Did they make them larger?
The filter doesn't look any larger to me. I'm actually not 100% sure how they modified then.

I believe for the first batch of filters they are simply re-labeling the older models but with the shorter guarantee. It does state they were redesigned though. There's some details here:

I was hoping for more people to link to other oil analysis results so I can compare mine...
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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