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hey guys, i picked this car up earlier this year and was in the process of making it track car. its a 76 280z with seaside blue paint, but it needs to be repainted. no body damage except for an indentation in the right rear quarter panel which can be easily fixed. just a couple months ago i threw in a new motor, its a rebuilt 280z block with the SU dual carbs off a '72 240z. (no rev limiter :gap: ). i also threw in a rebuilt 5spd tranny as well. the motor ran but then stopped b/c of a short in the ignition wire. since then, ive started school and basically get no time to work on it, so id rather sell it to someone who'd get more out of it. it comes with front and rear sport sways, front fog lights, new distirbutor, new plugs, new plug wires, new fuel filter, new oil filter, new fuel hoses, new radiator hoses, and a box of misc parts.

im asking $850 obo.

if interested, i can take some pics this weeknd n post it up or send em to ur emails. please feel free to PM, email, IM.

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