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“I’ve fallen in love. I don’t have any desire to drive another car. The smell of the leather, the feel of the steering wheel…it’s art,” says Paul Kitchen, half owner of this beautiful 1977 Aston Martin V8 Series 3.

The other owner of the car is Paul’s gearhead dad, Jonathan. When a teenage Paul mentioned he’d like to buy a Chevrolet Chevelle, his dad suggested he instead look for a vintage Aston Martin.

“I wasn’t convinced,” Paul says, until he saw an example in silver with a red leather interior at a dealership—an example sadly out of his price range.

They got the bug, however, and kept looking—finally finding this once-sad example: it was found in a barn, with purple paint! Their first test drive of the car nearly ended in disaster: the brakes weren’t quite as functional as they’d hoped.

For Jonathan, the condition of the car presented an ideal platform for a young driver: at the time, Paul was a teenager and he was going to break things. To fix them, they could work on the car together. He was able to save up enough money to buy the car, only to learn that the person who’d be driving it the most over the next few years would be the tow truck driver.

And this is before Paul mentions that the car, at one point, caught on fire…

Drive Tastefully®
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