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1995 Eagle Talon TSI

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Theres this kid @ my school that has a 95 TSI 5-spd stock(just a cone filter). He is always racking on my celi saying that racing me would be a waste of gas. but says he would race me anytime and humiliate me(if that makes sense LMAO) He's not the brightest... I really want to race him but I wanted to get your opinions first. I dont want to get walked and then have to hear it for the rest of the year. You guys think I could beat him?
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bt216 said:
^^^^^that's exactly what i raced stock and won. they run about the same as a stock gt-s 1/4 mile

My friend was killing many cars in his stock 94 Tsi includings celica Gts.
Now his in the middle of the car build up, those cars work well with mods too.But good race with the kill
tsi are awd im almost 100% sure on that unless someone swaps
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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