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1995 Eagle Talon TSI

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Theres this kid @ my school that has a 95 TSI 5-spd stock(just a cone filter). He is always racking on my celi saying that racing me would be a waste of gas. but says he would race me anytime and humiliate me(if that makes sense LMAO) He's not the brightest... I really want to race him but I wanted to get your opinions first. I dont want to get walked and then have to hear it for the rest of the year. You guys think I could beat him?
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EuGeNiLe GTS said:
you will win, regardless if its fwd or awd. if he really only has a cone filter.

but if he's a lying manipulative dsm owner like me, then you will lose. any knowledgeable dsm owner can make a dsm run 12s with $1000 or less.

lol :evil: But it sound like u should win, just hit all them gears in lift
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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