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Read the forum rules so I hope I'm posting this right. Let me know and I'll edit as needed.

Fort Smith area, Arkansas

State Celica is in:
Not running



Not sure


Paint Colour:

Interior Colour:

Bare metal!

I believe 50k miles

GT Sport Coupe 2D

Too many for me to list

Major service:

Engine Condition:

"could be 3sge beams from altezza rear wheel 6speed engine or 3sge from mr2 front wheel drive"
K1 Turbo

Maintenance Records:

Transmission condition:
5 speed manual

Type of tire and/or remaining tread:
Sparco Wheels Rally Light Grey 16x7 (although they're white, this was the only place I could find this part code)
Sparco Wheels Rally Light Grey 16x7
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Falken 215 40zr17 - Decent tread (pics below)

Interior condition:
Mostly stripped

Body condition:
Pretty decent

Known defects or problems:
I know the engine needs a new wiring harness. The guy claimed that the engine had less than 50k miles on it. I've sorted through his paperwork but I haven't quite found anything. I contacted the original company the kid bought it from (Osaka JDM Motors in Canada). But they weren't super helpful. His reply was that "could be 3sge beams from altezza rear wheel 6speed engine or 3sge from mr2 front wheel drive"

Comments about the car:
Here's the deal with this car.

I bought it from an older guy a couple of hours away who's wife had recently passed. He wanted to just get rid of all of his stuff and sell his property. It was his son's project car and his son has since left the country and I have no clue how to get in contact with him.

I bought the car hoping to swap some things over to my 1996 Toyota Celica. I got a lot of good stock parts out of it. But I have no clue what to do with all these performance parts.

I'm a cheapskate and I love dependability. I like the stock engine in my other celica. I got some stock goodies out of this so I'm happy. I just want to get rid of this car. I figured this was the place to go to sell it.

Asking price:

I'm willing to part out or sell whole.


I'll happily take more pics, just tell me what and where to look

2003 Celica GT-S
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Gosh! Had that thing not been neglected would've made for a sweet car! Just needs a little love.The 3s motor is good shit. How this reminds me of the ST185... the prized celica :love:

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Great car. Before buying, I did a vehicle history check on the Vingurus service. As we all know, giving out your social security number is one of those things that identify thieves needed to get credit cards in your name or even file tax returns.
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