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Hi, I'm new to owning a Celica. for my 17th birthday, I got a 2004 Toyota Celica gt that was sitting in a field for 4-5 years. the engine was torn apart and left with the cylinders open to the elements. I'm looking to swap it with a 2zz-Ge with a 6-speed manual but I don't know if it's going to be a straight bolt up or if there's a difference in mounting positions for the engine, transmission, clutch pedal, or the manual shifter. I have some mechanical experience but Toyotas are way out from what I know. can someone shine some light on my problem?
It's hardly straight forward...and all of the transmission mounts between 1zz and 2zz are the same. It's the steel side of the 2zz engine mount that is different, but even the mount itself is the same.

The biggest challenge you'll face with a 1zz auto to 2zz manual is the wiring. It's deemed not worth it by one of the most reputable 2zz shops around, MWR. It's possible but you need to know what you're doing. 1zz manual to 2zz, no problem. No matter what type of conversion, you'll need:

  • 2ZZ engine (from any year and model) with sensors, VV solenoids.
  • Intake manifold, throttle body from 2000-02 Celica GTS or 2005 Lotus Elise.
  • Throttle cable from 2000-02 Celica GTS
  • Knock sensor- you can use a 2000-01 Celica GTS knock sensor or your stock Celica GT knock sensor.
  • ECU: you can use a US-spec 2000-01 Celica GTS MT stock ECU or a 2ZZ Power FC. European and Japanese stock ECUs have an immobilizer feature so they will not function once swapped into a different car.
  • Injectors: if using a stock Celica GTS ECU, you should use the same model and year injectors as the ECU. If using a Power FC you can use any stock 2zz injectors or aftermarket injectors. 1ZZ stock injectors are too small with either ECU..
  • 2ZZ flywheel – if your engine came with a stock 2ZZ flywheel you can use that, just be sure to get it resurfaced. Most people prefer to upgrade to an MWR or Fidanza unit for quicker response and improved acceleration.
  • Wiring – your stock 1ZZ engine wiring harness will work but you’ll need the MWR VVL connector kit to add the VVL connections.
  • Header – Celcia GTS, Matrix/Corolla or Lotus stock header or PPE 2ZZ Celica Header. If using a stock header and engine has air injection, header must have air injection.
  • Midpipe/Catpipe – Celcia GTS stock or aftermarket midpipe to match stock Celica GTS header or PPE midpipe to match PPE header. Some have adapted the Celica GT midpipe to make it fit with stock GTS header but the flanges do not match and the GT midpipe and cat are smaller so power is compromised.
  • Air intake – Any Celica GTS cold air intake will work. Celica GTS stock air inlet tube and airbox also fits. GT airbox or cold air intake will not work.
  • Alternator – the 1zz alternator bolts up fine. There have been a few reports of 1zz alternator failures so some people prefer a 2zz alternator.
  • Mounts – the three transmission mounts are the same for 1ZZ and 2ZZ manual cars. The one engine mount is the same as well, you just need the steel engine-side part of the mount that comes with the 2ZZ engine.
  • Gauge cluster – the stock GT cluster works fine. The tach only goes to 8000 so the needle will stop climbing just before you hit the 2ZZ’s rev limiter. You can swap in a GTS gauge cluster but your car’s odometer will no longer be original and will display an incorrect mileage.

That is for the engine. For the transmission, it will bolt up just fine but your interior trim for an auto will not match, if you care about that.

IMO, the hardest thing will be to get all the parts if using only stock parts. If you're going moderate to heavy modification, why bother with it, just get a 2zz manual that shit the bed and rebuild it. If you're going no modification, just get a decent used 2zz manual for less money and headaches.
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