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2.5 and stock midpipe w high flow cat

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Top midpipe is stock midpipe with 4 inch 200 cell high flow cat.
Bottom midpipe is a Custom 2.5 stainless steel midpipe, with magnaflow 2.5 resonator, and 5 inch 200 cell high flow cat. Both have additional bungs already welded for wide band.

So $500 for stock pipe, $800 for stainless steel pipe. I will not ship either one so don't ask. If you are close to Tucson, AZ, then I might drive and meet you half way.
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if only you live closer, bump for you
Thanks, the closest I get to MN is Lincoln, NE. But that is only twice a year for autocross.
Top pipe is good for GT, bottom pipe would be good for GTS.
both of these still available.
Ah. Yet again another shipping problem. GL with sell!
Well if you know someone that could weld it back together I could cut in in half after the cat. You could also have someone weld a v-band clamp in the middle. Heck I could probably get the v-band clamp welded together for an additional fee. I just don't have a car to test fit it on and you should really tack it together while on the car.
give me a price if youre serious about shipping it. cutting it will not be a problem. i can always weld it back.
Which one do you want? Do you have a zipcode? I'll have to check on the shipping once I figure out the size and weight.
the 2.5". 55443. how long was it on the car?
I'd guess between 6-7 feet. I am 6 ft tall and I think it is above my head when standing it up. I'll PM you a price on shipping.
Each pipe is just over 7 feet long. I can index the pipes with a marker and cut the pipes just before the resonator if someone wants me to ship them. You can then either install a v-band clamp between the two pieces or take it to your welder to weld back up.

Any other interest?
Either one can be delivered between Tucson, AZ and Long Beach, CA this Sunday or Monday.
Both mid-pipes still available.
I'm making a custom midpipe. Where did you get the flange that bolts to the header from?
Maybe off e-bay. I think it is a BLOX. I might have another one at my house because I think I bought a few of them. Hard piece to find. I might be talked into selling it. Send me a PM if you are interested.
Anyone need some mid-pipes?
I have bought here the ppe mid pipe with high flow cat + header. The guy who sold me it cut off this pipe at half, so the package was small enough to ship it to Russia. It wasn't cost to much for me. 260$ to the Moscow. So i think that delivery somewhere in u.s.a. wouldn't be to expensive.
I mentioned back in November that I could mark the pipes and cut them in half to ship. I just can't go edit the first post saying that I would not ship.
2.5 inch mid-pipe with high flow cat still for sale. Price reduced to $500 plus shipping.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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