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20+ pics of my 2000 GTS

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it's been a while since i've been around here. not much has changed and i only have a few new pics so some of these photos are old but oh well..

i've got to a point with the car where it's about over. money is tight and my wife is begging me to sell it so i'm probably done. i have a 9 month old son and he rides in the back, lol. there's not much more i wanted to do to it anyway (carbon fiber splitter, wing blade, OEM carbon fiber hood). i do have a completely new sound system setup going in that is going to be quite awesome.
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Nice little accenting graphics you got on the sides. The wheels are sweet. How do you keep the black so damm clean???
SwiftCelGTS said:
everyone says that lol. my car is not really clean. there are some dull spots and haze/swirls. it was a whole lote worse but i claybarred the whole thing a few months back. when i go to shows i take like 3 hours cleaning every little water spot off.
Well for a black car you keep it looking good. Black is probably one of the hardest paint jobs to keep clean.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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