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Thanks for the replies.

The replacement engine has 70K kilometres and 190 psi compression. That was the better of all engines available across western canada, and it comes from a running vehicle. I had read in in another forum that the oil consumption problem was fixed in '02. (

Any thoughts on synthetic oil?
Hrm, I've heard 2003. And I think late model 2002 (apparently the facelifted ones which I assume means they got the new front that the 2003's had).

I just got a 2003 to make sure.

Scary thign is I know I've read some where on this forum some one say they even knew a few 2003's with the problem (but that seems odd to me cause isn't hte 2003-2005 engine the same so wouldn't you then see it in the later models a little too if the updated engine still was prone to it?).

Kinda sux that Toyota pretty much didn't care. Obviously they did acknowledge it was a problem enough to change the engine design for hte better in 2002/3 but not enough to actually do anything about the people who got the bum engine. At least with the Outback (I was considering one of htose before I got this car and I was considering hte years that had major headgasket issues) Subaru eventually acknowledged it and gave a little support to people (by putting out some additive you were supposed to put in your car and if you did that and could prove you maintained the car and the headgasket blew before the warranty ran out they'd fix it for you).
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