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2000 Celica Center Console

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Hi Everyone,

I'm selling my center console top section with the flip up compartment this piece is in good condition no scratches, dents, nicks, I'll post pics up high res pics upon request or PM. I have the lower shifter piece but it has a rectangle hole cut out for a Apexi controller, there is also a drilled hole for a Ignited Nitrous Purge push button, and I was also using an Engine start button. Does not include the stock clock or middle center climate controls as well.

The pieces are have never been painted and are in original condition the top has never been tampered with the flip up lid is in perfect condition with the rubber skid piece intact and included are all the yellow clips that will snap the piece in place. If you don't want the shifter piece let me know and I'll take off $10.00 since the hole is where the cig ashtray would be but for those who want it and have a controller or don't care and want to put something in that place or mold it $10.00 is a steal!

Shipped: $90.00 for pair obo (or best offer) or $80.00 without the bottom shifter piece. I will consider pick up for locals as well.

These are both great pieces if you want to modify them to mold gauges, widescreen monitor, or just custom fabricate whatever you want on them or even use the top for to replace your damaged one. I've done research and these retail easily over $200.00 from the dealer with tax not included and over 100 from the junkyard used. All sales are final.

Thanks All!

This is the only photo I have of the top as of now more pics upon request:
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SelicaGTS said:
Price is not reasonable, and if you would have done your research you could have easily seen that people are selling them for $60-$70
WTH?? I said OBO! Did you not read I was asking as my starting I also included offers in the sale? Please don't come in my thread complaining if you don't want to offer something or pm me I am not dropping the price you are obviously trying to drive my sale down to ruin it please take it somewhere else. I did my research the top is flawless and I won't say it again. Go find it for $60-$70.

I bought the top and bottom from somewhere who started there sale at $50.00 I offered this person the 50.00 raised it to $65.00 and was willing to go 90.00 "if it was flawless" I got high res pics from this person and it had damage. I am more than satisfied from the sale. $65.00 shipped and I bought the top and bottom parts these were in fair condition and came with nicks and scratches I repaired the one I just bought with bondo and kitty fair/fiberglass and I am using that one now. It also did not include the climate controls I had to re-use my own. I do my best to explain everything when I sell parts so if you understand no hard feelings.

The one I am selling right now is direct off my car I never painted it and I have no use for this piece it is sitting in the garage stored and I have storing stuff I don't use.

"I repeat this is not the entire center console please read it's the top and bottom no climate controls."

jayspeedy24 said:
i sent him a pm hopefully he'll drop the price a bit
Thanks for the PM. PM'd you back.
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Sale is now pending to - jayspeedy24

Okay I took the opportunity to take more pics just now and I found some old ones back from when these were in the car so this clears up all the confusion. I took photo's of the front, back, and inside with the rubber piece along with the shifter piece. Thanks all!

When it was on our car:

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jayspeedy24 said:
ygpm..btw all i need is the top part..
I'll make sure to not include it.

jayspeedy24 said:
sold to me for crack a little selling advice when you advertise a high amount it wont matter if you put obo beacause thats all we'll see and freak out... if you put obo next to a high price prepare to be low balled like 20-30 asking price..i should've seen some of the numbers i got thrown at me when i was trying to sell my parts...
I know what you mean. I start high and put obo instead of starting low and waiting around for a bid war even if people get scared hah. That's what PM's are for, for scared people to offer lowballs I have to admit I do it too. I guess everyone has a set price but it's the price you pay in the end that matters.

I'll give it shot your way next time I post something up. Thanks Jay for great advice!

Mods you can close this thread now. Enjoy your new car and center piece!
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