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2000 Celica GTS won’t start after winter

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So I live in Minnesota, where it gets cold asf. I had started the car time to time during this winter as well. Today, I just wanted to start the engine since the weather has been getting warmer, but when I thought it would start, it did not.

So, when I tried to start it, I would hear a continuous clicking noise, which I assume, would be the starter?

I thought maybe it could be the battery, but I bought the battery two years ago, so it should still have some life left.

The engine is still in great shape too with only like 116k miles.

I’m a young buck with these car stuff, so bear with me. Any ideas? Should I fuel up the car? New battery?
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Have you had a battery tender on it or any other charger over winter?

I also garage my Celica for the winter, in less cold (especially this year) Indiana. I put mine on a trickle charger a few times over the winter, but not as much as I should have. My battery did not survive. It made it MOST of the winter, but one day I went out and didn't get more than a few clicks, and it would not take a charge after that. I had a spare battery that had also been sitting for awhile, but it did take a charger, and so I was OK after that (well...I say that, but it's been awhile since I drove the car since the weather got snowy again after that, so I guess we'll see).

Anyway, start with the battery. Do you have access to a charger? I wouldn't trust a parts store - their chargers may in fact say "bad battery" but often times, you can re-invigorate them if you keep trying, or have an older charger. Most newer chargers have safety features that shut off the charging if it isn't making good progress. I had one that I had to start the charging process over & over about 6-7 times before the auto-shut off stopped and finally put a charge on.

Good luck. If you need to buy a battery, Rural King has good prices, and from my experience, the batteries are decent (the battery that sat for about 2 years that is currently in my Celica was from there).
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Try jump starting it by letting it charge off another car for about 10 minutes first or connect a battery charger to it for a while. Sounds like low battery. If you're going to let a car sit just let a car sit, starting it for a few minutes randomly does more harm than good, gets water in the exhaust and oil. Either drive it or let it sit.
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