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Nothing seems to be out of the norm there. Idk all my conversions between metric an what we use here n the states... but nothing caught my eye. The short term an long term were pretty good with low numbers pulling out a slight amount of fuel which is normal. Are you having issues at all?

2000 GTS Turbo
It runs great. It has around 234,000 miles. The only thing that sounds bad is that rattle sound. If I wear earphones then it’s all good. Oil level is consistent but loses oil. But I’ve been filling it up about every week.

The only issue is that when the car is warmed up around 3 rpms on 4th and 5th gear it makes a rattle sound. I think you’ve seen the post but here is the video Celica 2001 GT tap dancing

I replaced both oxygen sensors, pcv valve and hose, breather hose, timing chain tensioner. I replaced the cv axels and changed the gear oil but now it leaks a little haha. I also replaced the battery, cleaned the fuse boxes. I tested the alternator and it shows it’s good.
Ive used a stethoscope around the fuel injectors, spark plug coils and they all tick at about the same time.

I also did a compression test and all were at 190 psi

The other issue is when I’m driving sometimes the open door sign will come up and the doors will lock. This was happening before I cleaned the fuse boxes.

I mention the door open sign because it usually turns on if I’m going around 75-80mph. It turns on then the lock click goes off too. I don’t know if it’s related or not but
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