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2002 Celica GT 5spd For Sale! Light mods

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Hey guys whats up? I'm selling my baby due to college expenses kickin my ass and something has to go to pay for tution next semester =(
The car is a Silver 2002 Toyota Celica GT 5 spd with 75K on the clock. This car has never been in any accidents and is in really good condition

The List of Modifications are as follows with cost:
Replica Veilside Body Kit $750 + $750 Installation =$1500
Enkei J10 17" Rims and Wheels with lifetime warranty $1,500
Phillips Hyper White Headlights $50
TRD Spoiler $300
AEM Cold Air Intake $250
APR Strut Bar $125
Silver/Black Painted Engine Plastics -
Tanabe Super Racing Medallion Exhaust $600
Blue Footwell Lighting $50
S7 Gauges (not in pic, removed when alarm was put on) $80
Carbon Fiber Interior Overlay $75
Clifford Matrix RSX 3.5 Alarm Sytsem w/remote start and pager system $500 + 400 Install (you have to make sure to leave the car in neutral)
Tenrai Lambo Doors (i had them on but took them off because i stopped going to car shows) $500 w/lifetime warranty
This brings the total to $5,880 and i KNOW im forgetting stuff, plus I'll throw in the stock rims and an extra rear bumper i have for the car. I know I wont be able to get back what I put into it and I'm going to miss her so much its just time to move on to a bigger car that I cant DO stuff too lol it'll keep me away from throwing money into the car.

I'm going to put it up for $10,500 OBO...

Here are some pics

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