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2011 Mazda 5
The new Mazda5 features an emotional design that blends elegance with a dynamic spirit. It will be the first Mazda production model to fully adopt Mazda’s Nagare (meaning “flow” in Japanese) design language, which finds inspiration in the beauty of flows found in nature. Nagare design has appeared in certain elements of recent production models and was previously showcased through a series of concept cars. The new Mazda5’s design achieves excellent aerodynamic characteristics with an outstanding drag coefficient and lift balance. In order to meet wide-ranging customer requirements, it also offers a high level of functionality, with dual sliding rear doors and multiple seat arrangements. This includes a karakuri second-row center seat that can be converted to a versatile storage space. With a sportier and smoother ride, the new Mazda5 responds precisely to the driver’s commands, enabling the whole family to travel in comfort and security.

The new Mazda5’s green credentials are further enhanced by its other available power-trains, which include a 1.8L gasoline engine mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

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