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2012 Annual NorCal Celica Santa Cruz Meet Aftermath Pics + Video

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Post all of the pics and videos here later today.
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:eek:-Wow...nice ass pics Joemama!
I also love how you left comments like you were telling a story! :thumbup:

:headbang:-Awesome job on vid as always Klint!
Well I am done with my time line of our meet. I'll upload the whole 360 picture folder also for those interested. There a lot of pictures from the beach in there and of people and in full 4288x2848.
Big sur is definitely beautiful. But there's not a whole lot of room for 24 cars lol. But if anyone wants a view an a nice ass road... Definitely hit up highway 1 south to big sur
If you pay attention to my Santa Cruz Celica video, you will find that the underlying theme is that we will always remain children at heart, and that it doesn't matter how many meets we have in a year, we will always share that strong bond that we have made in the Norcal Celica Family. Yes, there are less Celicas in the video and not a complete walk through; and for that I have three reasons. One: It's hard to take videos while in front. Two: We didn't really have time. Three: I wanted this video to be more personal about the people and a little about the cars. I wanted to show a different side to the Norcal family... a slap in the face to not having so many meets which didn't affect the bond we share which is timeless .. That's why I started with Nevaeh in the introduction , the quote in the middle and us bringing out the inner child of us while burying Chris.

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what the heck, why are some pictures being taken down from the time line, only being left with captions. I am guessing its on imageshacks side. I must re-up them to a different server.

Klint, that video was definitely more geared towards the people of norcal celica. It was my first meet and thinking back I made more memories with seeing the people in the cars then the cars themselves. We were all kinda the same in a way and had things in common.

If someone can, they should edit some pictures together with labels of peoples name next to their cars.
We should of took a picture with all the drivers and people they brought next to their car.
I didn't really take that many pictures as I wanted to hang out and talk to everyone more than just stay behind my camera the whole time, but here are a few shots for you guys :wiggle:

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My picture contribution.

Yup $517.45

Random Lotus guy who gave me a thumbs up, He is the first Lotus guy I saw while driving.

Random Tesla Roadster who also gave me a thumbs up

Refilling up:

We all pull up in the gas station and this girl says wow! omg what the heck? and calls someone on her phone saying " You will not believe what just happened!" lol

She wanted a picture with all the cars.

All smiles

Wilson with his pose that he does at every celica meet lol

Emily taking a picture of me while I take a picture of her

Emily in my Lotus

Just my car:

Group shot: *Johnny*

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My picture contribution.

Yup $517.45

The first thing that i thought when I saw this was that you got a speeding ticket. But I dont recall seeing cops pulling over anyone. Then I look down to see where its from and I see "hot pot city." I dont think there would be a town called that and then I realized the asain writing on the bottom and was like oh ya its that restaurant lol.
nice meet you guys. sucks i missed out.
update with this video I happened have taken

And album is also complete now after I figured the 100 pics that didnt upload.
love the pics :] I had a blast. Wish I could have stuck around longer though ]: My favorite part was cruising with you guys :D
Nice turnout! Geez, that's like double/triple what the SoCal meets have been getting lately.
^ i know right :laugh:

nice pics and turnout.
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