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2012 Epic Chino Hills Meet!!

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So it seems like there's no word if theres gonna be one this year. All the veterans have moved on to better things I assume.
It's almost October which was the initial date for this meet.
If so, anyone have an idea where to throw a meet? I have my annual 626 Meet but I want to hear some inputs from you.
Or should I just shut up and don't worry?
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The old people were going to get together and reserve the gazebo sometime soon I believe.

Getting ready for that legit epic 10 car turn out.
I thought for sure you'd say something like, "I'm not going to read through all those 15 new **** ot threads" or something to that effect.

dude you are super annoying :fawk:
Yeah doja, you're not a veteran and haven't been here long enough to be like that.
?? jonz and i are the first ones here every day and usually the most active so we have a bond that no woman can take from us! so
Your join date is still 2012, you have to talk to a veteran to make sure you're allowed to be annoying
how else will you know how to build a race car? by asking a veteran, duh, as they know how to make race cars
anyway, booth, i was lookin through the cabrillo meet pics and it said something about not seeing an nsx and you responded to it. DO YOU HAVE AN NSX!!!!????

First the whole being banned thing, and now this.
Gotta catch up, doe.
i guess the celica scene is kinda dead??
In my opinion, I think the reason that is is because Subi/Honda meets are more about showing off your shit.
It's impersonal though, and the friends you make aren't really close.

Whereas our meets are more laidback, I've said it before but we're legit like a family.
If you notice, we hardly EVER talk about cars when we get together.
Cars are important to us yeah, but to us, family is more important.
I'd much rather hear about how all the circle retards have been instead of what new parts some kid got.
Family. Yea highly dysfunctional yet somehow works.
Family minus 3 people for me.
Naw you're good.
Who's the third guy?
Long story.

stepbro, italian whatever his name is and guido??????

how close am i
Those guys aren't SoCal...
so after we reserve, would u guys want to grub at red lobster for the 14.99 unlimited shrimp special????
I'm down to munch on some of those cheese bread balls whatever the fuck they're called
No thanks, I don't want mini bite size.
dude, we gota whatever we gon do with the quickness manana ... its gonna over 100 out in chino
Yeah, please. Let's get the park thing over and done with so we can get to some AC deliciousness.
1 - 15 of 182 Posts
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