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2012 Epic Chino Hills Meet!!

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So it seems like there's no word if theres gonna be one this year. All the veterans have moved on to better things I assume.
It's almost October which was the initial date for this meet.
If so, anyone have an idea where to throw a meet? I have my annual 626 Meet but I want to hear some inputs from you.
Or should I just shut up and don't worry?
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Yeah I would be suprised if 15you actually show up.
you guys gotta participate in the SoCal chat thread more.

that's where we're discussing the plans for reserving it. while we're there, we'll probably decide on the date.
And go through all those pages? You guys make like 4 pages a day, I don't want to br stocker status and read all of them.

I created this thread for the people that aren't in O.T much ofter or not at all.
Jonz, for those who can't make it on the 15th, I'm paypal you some dough.
Let me know.
just give it to me and ill take it broseph
Sounds good Oscar
Just flip a coin, you can't satisfy everyone :shrugs:
richie d0wnz cumshotz

strikes again
That person secretly likes me.
So no meet till next year? :shrugs:
Wth my screen name is red
Just throw a date Jonz, who ever makes it then great.

ok so how about chino hills on oct. 13?
Either or is cool
Doja is part of my fam :)
So tomorrow's canceled? :shrugs:
1 - 15 of 182 Posts
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