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Copy, Paste, and Edit because #lazy
Well guys & girls, its that time of the year again, time for the much anticipated annual Chino Hills meet...

After many lost nights of sleep from people bugging me lol, the date is set: October 19th (sat)

First off, a BIG THANK YOU to all that came out of this [email protected] day to rent out the gazebo: me, jonz, Oscar, javier, carlos and richie (in spirit)
so everyone give us a big hug when you see us at the meet

As usual this meet has been a great get together to meet the faces behind the SN and to see how goofy we really are (most of us know each other anyway :rolleyes:)

Officially, the meet starts at 10 a.m. but if we can there earlier the better...hoping to avoid the parking situation from years past... (bwahahahahaha aint gonna be a problem this year)

also the time slot for the gazebo is from 10a.m. to 4p.m.

THIS IS a potluck if any of u guys haven't read thread(s) or seen pics of this meet, so bring Food, drinks, utensils, chairs, plates, CHARCOAL anything that relates to eating!

so enough of the hoopla lets get the roll call goin' so that Ron can hopefully start with the event Tee(s).

Addy:Grand Avenue Park at Chino Hills
1301 Grand Ave. Chino Hill Ca

When: October 19th (SATURDAY)
Time: 10 a.m. or sooner *9:30ish*

NO! revving, burnouts or showing off at or to the meet (truc)
NO! racing of any kind...NONE!(truc)
NO! alcohol or contraband of any matter ...(jonz)
NO! hating lol (jonz)
NO! bumping the systems too loud!(kev untzuntzuntzuntzuntz)

There will be people (families with children) so please be mindful of everyone.

easy enough huh? so don't be that @sshat and f it up for everyone cause the chino hills PD is right down the street

there will be a food thread made by Oscar
and caravan threads made from members so look out for those and join accordingly.

If I have missed anything, ill edit this post (or Mod - skEet will...)
suggestions are welcome.
please DO NOT quote this post, say your in FOR SURE (SN & name) and ill add u to the list. NO MEB'z!!!

(mod, sticky this!)


If we can find a nice roomy spot for a photoshoot afterwards, lets! (fuck that noise bwahahahaha)

*A few things that we will need though will be an EZup, perhaps a radio/ipod dock,fold out/beach chairs, bball/frisbee/football or anything u guys wanna do to pass the time

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1.Ervino- Erwin
2.Celicajonz- Raphael
3.Dojaguy- Oscar
4.GTS_Jalos- Javier
5.Karlos.Z- Carlos
6.RICHIE- Richie
7.Kore971- Kels
8.Ghost Dragon- David
9.TRDiaz93- Diaz
10.Artimis008- Artimis
11.WillBro89- Will
12-Toxygene- Lawrence
13-Oo DaRk StAr oO- Matt
14-Lucian- Rafael
15-Extreme Dimensions- Irv
16-6_Speed_Demon- Chuck
17-SilverT23- B_Ton
18-Marcos Ortega- Marcos
19-Artillery- Luis
20-BCsupra - Brandon
21-x310gtsx- Jamie
22-Kungwei- Phil
23-Blazinbeatzz- Kevin
24-Lilmexicanoboi- Gio
25-909socal- JT
26-CeliGT00- Louie
27-Vino- Marvin
28-Yca- Don
29-Bluehawk- Ryan
30-Celiborgy- Mitch
31-_TheeMark- Mark
32-Mrluilou- Luis
33-Blue Batmobile- Andy
34-B_DuBz_14 - Brian
35-dannysgtcel - Danny

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