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Come all Gen Celicas and all Gen Supras!!! 2013 Celica/Supra meet
Sunday April 7th

OK so I nailed down a date that I feel would be best for everyone in the southeast area and a good location centered in the southeast and easy for us to cook at. Welcome all to the 2013 Toyota Celica/Supra Meet. The meet will be held at Tugaloo State Park in Lavonia,GA. Here is a link to the park---> &gs_l=igoogle...5j0j0i10j0l4j0i10j0j0i10.9934.11142.0.15140.

The address for mapquesting people is:

1763 Tugaloo State Park Road



I have been a part of a successful meet at this park before. It will be held in the beach/miniature golf area. There is ample parking lot availible for us to line up our cars, pop hoods, talk ****, and have a good time. There are big picnic awnings to chill under. The meet will start at 11am and finish up around 4pm. There is a hotel in Lavonia for those that wanna stay the night that have driven far:

link to hotel ---> Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Lavonia, Lavonia, United States of America. Book your hotel now!

I am really excited to meet some new faces and see some bad ass cars and hopefully some vintage cars as well. We may go on a short cruise in the later part of the day which we can talk about amongst ourselves. You guys can PM me if you have any concerns or questions or you wanna pitch in. If you aren't driving a celica or a supra feel free to come as well, ya just can't park with us :)

Looking forward to it peeps! Everyone post that is coming so I can count up the numbers. I'll make a list of all the cars that are coming soon and post it in the thread too.
Tentative List of Participants:
Attendees with an (m) next to their name are maybes

Lcgixxer87/Linchmob- 7th Gen Celica GTS
xxgaxx13- 7th Gen Celica GT
yzrider07- 7th Gen Celica GTS
CelicaGts3sge- 7th Gen Celica GTS
Trikster04- 7th Gen Celica GT
sc2jz- 7th Gen Celica GTS
TigerLily77- 7th Gen Celica GTS & 3rd Gen Celica AutoX (m)
Durtie- 7th Gen Celica GTS (m)
Tubbie- 1st Gen Celica 77' & Mk3 Supra
UntamedElemant- 7th Gen Celica GTS (m)
SRM184- 5th Gen Celica GT (m)
easternpiro1- 6th Gen Celica ST (m)
Keiri- 6th Gen Celica GT (m)
GT4_dred- 4th Gen Celica Alltrac & Lexus SC300
ra29dreams- 1st Gen Celica 77'
afronaut- 3rd Gen Celica GT (m) & 3rd Gen Celica GT (m)
Pcope- Mk2 Supra
cmdeshon- Mk2 Supra (m)
onewhiteguy- Mk2 Supra
celicafanatic- Mk2 Supra
donkita- Mk2 Supra
johnb7- Mk2 Supra
dshif- Mk2 Supra (m)
[email protected] Mk3 Supra
mkIIIftw- Mk3 Supra (m)
atlpd3147- Mk3 Supra (m)
Luv2Boost- Mk4 Supra (m)
9Supra- Mk4 Supra
ArtForum- Mk4 Supra
Supra Greg- Mk4 Supra (m)
KAW- Mk4 Supra (m)
Carter95TT- Mk4 Supra (m)
1sicklex- Lexus ES300
Uglyrsx- Lexus SC400
WhiteAccord- Lexus GS400
suprahero- Lexus SC300 (m)

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nice well i should have my celica back togeather and a exhaust under it other then open DP by then i will for sure have it at IA

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So far it is as follows: (this is an estimate as some people show up randomly and there are no shows)
8-10 7th Gen celicas
2-4 mk4 supras
3-4 mk3 supras
1 mr2
1-2 77 celicas
5-6 mk2 celica supras
2-3 6th gen celicas
1-3 lexus 300s
And again it's still 2 months away. But it's definitely looking promising :)

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i will be there for sure unless something unforeseen happens almost done with the car should have it buttoned up by next weekend

Rice to Nice
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I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it. I only have enough vacation days to take off for sunday and import alliance weekend. I didn't realize I'll be working night shift. I'll have to get off sunday morning then make the drive. I'll still see if I can work something out though.
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