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2015 Chino Hills Meet (Planning)

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canceled due to no open hours/date....

paypal refunds will be issued:

Thank you shout out list for contributing to the gazeebo:
1. lucian - Rafael $20
2. Sykotix - EJ $10
3. chee07 - Miguel $10
4. R I C H I E - R i c h a r d $10
5. mrluilouise - Louise - $15

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not available the 17th. wont be in town. Dunno if i'll still have my celica then though.i'll just have to roll in something else if that's the case.
No more people sending payments for gazebo?

I vote Road to Seoul :laugh:
I vote OoKook
Next year me and Celica_2nr will make it to this thing!! I hope lol. Just got a 03 solar yellow Gts. Good to still see some familiar faces
If this is the last one ever hosted, how you gonna make it to next year? quite hopeful ic. lol.
with enough interest, ull never know....

mayb another will happen.
Maybe, but i woudlnt' be too hopeful lol.

Well appears I've been gone too long lol. Maybe it will still happen...
u still got almost a month, start planning and come.
let's just move it to mason park. lol
Santa fe dam

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1 - 7 of 127 Posts
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