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2015 Chino Hills Meet (Planning)

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canceled due to no open hours/date....

paypal refunds will be issued:

Thank you shout out list for contributing to the gazeebo:
1. lucian - Rafael $20
2. Sykotix - EJ $10
3. chee07 - Miguel $10
4. R I C H I E - R i c h a r d $10
5. mrluilouise - Louise - $15

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I'm down for whatever date you guys choose.

Will bring meat ;)
ok kool
looks like we got good interest.
thanks for that

but we do need some contribution for the renting of the gazeebo.
paypal addy is in the 1st post.

anything would help, really.
no more than $10-15 is more than enough.

thanks EJ!
thanks Miguel!
^i didnt receive any payment from u in regards to the gazeebo :shrugs:

did u send it to the correct paypal addy?
what about u lolo
I have a wedding that day :sadpace:
^ got it!
thanks Richard!
got it! thanks Rafael ^
funny cause i never got a email conformation for it.

had to look back and it was there.
sounds like Jonz is trying to come up on some cash :rolleyes:
Guys make sure you don't send it as a gift, just in case you put in a paypal dispute later :hide:
bump :eatpop:
No more people sending payments for gazebo?

I vote Road to Seoul :laugh:
if not this weekend, next weekend for sure ill go and reserve the gazeebo.

thanks for the contributions everyone.
No more people sending payments for gazebo?

I vote Road to Seoul :laugh:
I vote OoKook
41 - 60 of 127 Posts
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