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2015 Chino Hills Meet (Planning)

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canceled due to no open hours/date....

paypal refunds will be issued:

Thank you shout out list for contributing to the gazeebo:
1. lucian - Rafael $20
2. Sykotix - EJ $10
3. chee07 - Miguel $10
4. R I C H I E - R i c h a r d $10
5. mrluilouise - Louise - $15

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Chris! Whats up bro! You back in San Diego :)?

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Hey Andy! I just saw this message now.

I was hoping for this meet so I could start parting out the Celica. Don't know if anyone is looking for a TRD rear strut bar, VIS Racing raised CF hoodscoop, or AEM Cold Air Intake?
^Sancho use the classifieds forum :thumbup:
Jonz has never been good at organizing a damn thing :thumbdown
Any plans on the meet ?

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No, celicajonz has no plans on doing this.
Bringing this up from the dead. Lets do this and just a date. Mason Park. Whoever can make it, make it.

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121 - 127 of 127 Posts
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