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2015 Subaru WRX / STI

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Impreza STi to go diesel
The Evo’s old rival, Subaru’s Impreza STi, is also set to offer a diesel model in its next generation — but it’s still likely to have a petrol-powered variant too.

Due in 2012, the next-gen STi will get an enhanced version of the 2.0-litre turbodiesel offered in the current Impreza. Its flat four layout should make it easier for Subaru to maintain the STi’s reputation for fine handling, while delivering better fuel economy.

Subaru isn’t about to drop turbocharged petrol engines just yet, though. Insiders say a downsized four-cylinder petrol unit, possibly based on the 1.5-litre flat four that powers base-model Imprezas, is under consideration.

Subaru is one step behind Mitsubishi on the hybrid front, though. Although the company has this technology planned for the hot Impreza, it’s unlikely to appear until at least halfway through the next-gen model’s lifecycle.

As with the Evo, the Impreza’s revisions will mean a shake-up of the car’s motorsport activities. Instead of rallying, the Impreza is likely to switch to circuit racing.
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Considering this info on Subi and the new info on Mitso, WRC needs a new class. Diesel.
^ they're both out of the WRC constructors title for a couple years already, so it would be pointless.
diesel is awesome for daily use where you're rarely above 4000 rpm.
2013 Subaru Impreza WRX

Rendered: 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX
Last month, we brought you the first photos of the next-generation 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX in disguise. It was caught testing in Europe and even though it was covered from nose to tail in black camouflage, the Subaru Impreza prototype revealed a few details about the styling direction of the redesigned hatchback.

Up front, the test mule looks like it had a few design elements borrowed directly from the Hybrid Tourer Concept shown at the 2009 Tokyo Auto Show. The angular lines of the grille and front fascia are certainly different from the current Impreza and they point toward an even more aggressive look for the all-wheel-drive hatchback.

The grille no longer blends cleanly into the hood line, as you can clearly see two notches on each side that sharply define the opening. Separate headlights also appear to be part of the new design along with a new lower airdam and small front quarter windows just ahead of the side mirrors.

The changes out back are less dramatic. New taillights that are a little shorter and wider appear to be the most noticeable change, while the overall shape of the rear window looks much the same as the current WRX hatchback. Hard to tell what's going on with the tailpipes as the test mule had its exhaust tucked tightly under the bodywork. We can only hope that the production WRX gets a proper set of exhaust pipes when it arrives in production form.

It's a start.
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I really dont like this one... so I guess everybody else will.
Almost all subaru's look ugly when first released. They all have to grow on you.
Subaru has always had bad taste in styling...
How is that more aggressive? It looks 10x softer in the front.
Yeah looks like someone pulled back on the roof and stretched the front over the hood lol

Separated at birth?
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Almost all subaru's look ugly when first released. They all have to grow on you.

i still liked the current model..
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