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2015 Subaru WRX / STI

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Impreza STi to go diesel
The Evo’s old rival, Subaru’s Impreza STi, is also set to offer a diesel model in its next generation — but it’s still likely to have a petrol-powered variant too.

Due in 2012, the next-gen STi will get an enhanced version of the 2.0-litre turbodiesel offered in the current Impreza. Its flat four layout should make it easier for Subaru to maintain the STi’s reputation for fine handling, while delivering better fuel economy.

Subaru isn’t about to drop turbocharged petrol engines just yet, though. Insiders say a downsized four-cylinder petrol unit, possibly based on the 1.5-litre flat four that powers base-model Imprezas, is under consideration.

Subaru is one step behind Mitsubishi on the hybrid front, though. Although the company has this technology planned for the hot Impreza, it’s unlikely to appear until at least halfway through the next-gen model’s lifecycle.

As with the Evo, the Impreza’s revisions will mean a shake-up of the car’s motorsport activities. Instead of rallying, the Impreza is likely to switch to circuit racing.
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Next-Gen Subaru WRX to Get Turbo 2.0-Liter Targeting 270 hp
A spokesperson at Subaru of America just confirmed that the next generation Subaru WRX will receive a turbocharged 2.0-liter flat-four engine with a targeted output of 270 horsepower. This engine will be a turbocharged variant of the FA20 engine found in the recently-released 2013 Subaru BRZ we just drove in Japan. Although half a liter smaller in displacement than the current WRX’s 2.5-liter 265-horsepower engine, it looks as though the all new FA20 will make slightly more power. The FA20 turbo is a return to the car’s roots, of sorts; when the WRX made its American debut in 2001, it had a 2.0-liter turbo flat-four under the hood.

Why the downsizing? We can only assume fuel economy has something to do with it. The current WRX manages 19 mpg city and 25 mpg highway on the EPA cycle. Subaru recently announced the naturally aspirated FA20 should achieve 30 mpg highway.

The announcement of this new engine is also in line with statements the company made at the launch of the 2012 Impreza sedan and 5-door, the vehicle upon which the WRX should be based. At that time, Subaru said that it was planning for greater separation between Impreza and WRX models. Currently the Impreza uses a 2.0-liter flat four from the FB family of engines found in the Forester SUV and other models. This engine does not feature the same compact dimensions, 86 mm x 86 mm bore and stroke, or complex D4S port/direct injection technology as the FA20 engine.
Good move, was the logical step to take after the extra work that went into the shared engine.
I cant believe it.... the STI will be based on this model impreza.... which is even taller, and has a longer wheelbase......

Who the **** designed the new gen. Because it looks like ****.
I cant believe it.... the STI will be based on this model impreza.... which is even taller, and has a longer wheelbase......

Well, it's their direction since they really do not want the car to "market-wise" compete with the BR-Z.

I, for one, concur with you and want a freaken 22B back. If subaru bring out a wrx sti coupe, I'd rather buy that than the BR-Z since I already own 2 RWD sport cars. :gap:
Ahh. So Subie went into the deal with Toyota not for the BRZ but for the D4S port/direct injection tech for the new WRX. No wonder Subie isn't planning on selling many BRZ's. And also why they won't turbo the BRZ. The WRX gets the turbo. Smart. Toyota gets a new sports car and Subie gets an new economical mill for their sports car (WRX). It all comes clear.

Next Subaru WRX Details Being Decided
We already know that Subaru plans to market the next generation of the WRX and WRX STI as standalone vehicles, allowing the go-fast models to move upmarket. We are now back on the subject, as Subaru is deciding the fate of the models these days.

As for what’s under the hood, the vehicles could use a refreshed, turbocharged version of the naturally-aspirated 2.5-liter engine, with earlier reports indicating a hp rating of 300. Subaru could also introduce a CVT gearbox - a less than desirable move, if you ask us - as the carmaker’s CVT has recently been adapted to handle the torque of diesel engines, so it could face this challenge.
lol cvt in a sports car? Terrible.

Electric turbo for next WRX?
Subaru’s performance hero could pioneer ground-breaking turbo technology.

A ground-breaking new electrically-powered turbocharger could feature on the next edition of Subaru's hero performance car, the WRX, when it finally arrives towards the end of next year.

Respected US website says Subaru took out a patent on an electrically-operated turbo in 2007. An unnamed source has told the website that Subaru's parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries, is working to trap heat energy from exhaust gases, generating electricity to power the turbo.

It is believed this would eradicate complicated piping traditionally associated with turbocharging and create power more efficiently with less turbo lag.

Subaru Australia spokesman David Rowley says it is the latest of many rumours swirling around the company's much-anticipated hero cars, the WRX and WRX STi.
If true, very cool. Would reduce the heat damage to the engine as well. Love the R&D car companies are doing these days. MPG laws finally got them off their azzes and thinking.
They got tired of seeing the ebay electric turbo. :chuckles:

2014 Subaru WRX Caught Hot-Weather Testing
Judging by the spy photos you see above, those shoes will be planted under bodywork that's not particularly different from that of the standard Impreza. We'd be lying if we said we weren't hoping for a bit more pizazz from this fourth-gen WRX, but most of its tepid styling – assuming these images are indeed indicative of the 2014 WRX – would be forgiven if the machine boasts more turbocharged performance than ever before.

As you can see, Subaru's engineering team brought along a current third-gen WRX hatchback for testing alongside the new model, and a brief comparison shows how much more restrained the styling of the latest Impreza is when compared to its forebear. We also note what appears to be an intercooler sticking further up into the hood scoop than the third-gen model, which could mean a turbocharged version of Subie's new FA engine is underhood. We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, peruse the images above and carry on speculating.
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Hope they don't back ouT on making it an all new model.
Looks-wise, I'm not digging it. The front has too much going on and feels like its trying to hard to be sleek and aggressive at the same time. The rear, on the other hand, is too boring for me and looks like it belongs on an economy car.
I hope they do not commit the same mistake as 2008. Where the car looked boring as hell.

They made it more aggressive on 2009 and they improved the car.
They made it even more aggressive on 2011 and they made it even better.

Let see what happens now!
looks like a chevy.
I'm not into it.

I see less newer revision Sti's on the road.

I see less EVO's.

This is all good and gone.

I think the new S4/S5 will work.
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