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2015 Toyota Mirai (FCV)

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Toyota FCV-R Concept
Toyota hasn't forgotten about fuel cells, which is why it's come up with the FCV-R as a kind of belated answer to Honda's brilliant FCX Clarity.

As Toyota sees it, the FCV-R previews what a practical, hydrogen-powered, five-seat family sedan might look like around 2015.

The fuel cell stack powering this concept consists of a 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen tank and the system is set up to give a cruising distance of some 435 miles or more, based on Japan's JC08 test cycle, Toyota says. Measuring 187 inches end to end, the FCV-R is about 10 inches shorter than an Avalon. The name, in case you were wondering, stands for Fuel Cell Vehicle - Reality & Revolution.

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This would be a perfect daily drive, but the price is killing it, I know its for the technology that you're paying, but for 45K I preffer something that makes 15 MPG lol
1 - 1 of 83 Posts
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