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2019 Lamborghini Urus / 2023 Performante

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SPY PHOTOS: Lamborghini SUV
The Audi owned Italian sports car maker Lamborghini is building an SUV again.

This strange looking Porsche Cayenne is actually a mule for the coming SUV by Lamborghini. Because Porsche did most of the work when developing the VW Touareg and the recent Audi Q7, they also got the responsibility to do the development of the Lamborghini SUV.

Engine will probably be a version of the V10 known from the Gallardo and Audi S6 and S8, but also a 4.5 liter V8 from the Cayenne could be available. A diesel version is also in the plans, with the 5.9 litre Audi V12 TDI. This engine is a real masterpiece and has an enormous power output of 500 bhp and 1000 Nm of torque.

Between 1982 and 1993 Lamborghini built approximately 300 SUVs with the name LM002 , a monster powered by the V12 from the Lamborghini Countach with first 375 bhp and later on 455 bhp. At that time it was a very unusual decision from a sports car maker that was primarily known for high-performance grand tourers and super cars. But with the success that Porsche is having with the Cayenne, plans for a Lamborghini SUV are growing again.

Based on a modified Cayenne platform, the development costs will be kept low and with that raging bull on the hood Lamborghini is able to charge good money for a car that is in fact a Porsche Cayenne. Of course the design will stand out, and the sound of that V10 will get their owners the status in the asphalt jungle that they want.
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Wow, not really needed. Besides have you seen a lot of the people who drive suv's... :scared:
We don't need anymore suv's period...or at least have the people that drive them take a second driver's test. I don't trust those huge hunks of metal anymore after two of them ran into me...while I was parked.
At least the last Lambo SUV was more about the utility part of the equation. That just looks like a jacked up Gallardo.
looks like a bloaded gallardo
if i remember correctly, they tried to make one what would compete with the hummer, but i think that project failed. as should this
yeah . . . . that last Lambo SUV was such a success huh . . . makes sense to build a new one, especially with the lowered demand.

I guess they're targeting the rappers/basketball players/pimp demographic with this car.
natewan31 said: reason to waste my money on that ugly POS.
Actually, the original LM002 of the 80's was a lot like the original (real) Hummer in that it was built with military use in mind, then developed for people with too much money.
that hurts my soul
goose42 said:
Actually, the original LM002 of the 80's was a lot like the original (real) Hummer in that it was built with military use in mind, then developed for people with too much money.
not really build for military purposes. it was built to be a capable off roader, not a grocery getter. this is a ****ty photoshop of an actual gallardo. Lambo has made SUV's in the past, but i think this will be pushed thanks to Porsche's new partnership.
Lamborghini to return to SUV market

Lamborghini to return to SUV market

what the *#@$&*^!
aw sh*t... evidence that the world will end in 2012.
eh what the hell why not
Ehh, you guys do know the one pictured was the original LM, right?
Sure it's not a sports car but it still looks pretty bad-ass...
Flame me.

I think it is a cool idea. Make it an aggressive, mean looking SUV that is all balls and not the typical family SUV. Hell, make it an offroad monster packing some serious power.

If they stay away from the typical SUV and lean toward this, I think it would be a ''hit''.
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