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2ZZ-GE eating rod bearings

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So here is the back story to my problem,
I recently purchased a 2000 Celica GTS for dirt cheap, in great shape, but it had a rod knock. I towed the car home and pulled the motor. After getting the engine apart I found the #4 rod bearing completely gone and the crank journal WAY undersized. I took the rods, crank, block and head to a local machine shop for some reworking. The spun rod was junk and needed to be replaced. The crank had the spun journal welded and then reground. All 4 pistons were replaced. The head was completely rebuilt and the valves adjusted. The block was cleaned, decked and pressure tested. I got everything back and it all went together great. Got it in the car and noticed my first issue, no lift. after replacing both OCVs, VVT cam gear, and both VVT filters the only new development was more rod knock. Pulled everything out and apart to find the #4 bearing eaten up. I took everything back to the machine shop and they said the replaced rod wasn't sized properly, They polished the crank resided the rod and I was off to put it all back together. With the motor in, everything runs smooth but I still don't have lift. After losing my mind for 2 weeks not able to figure out my lift problem, thanks to a thread on this forum I found the problem. The machine shop swapped the intake and exhaust rocker shafts. None of the oil hole lined up and hence, no lift. The shafts had been beaten into place and were an absolute pain to remove. I finally got them out and after some polishing, I got them back in. Now I have lift.... and a rod knock.

here is my problem,
Is there any reason this motor would keep eating the #4 rod bearing? other than scoring caused by the #4 bearing parts going through the oil system, the other bearings look great. Just the #4 bearing is completely toast. When the engine was assembled EVERYTHING was completely cleaned measured, and lubed, I don't see anything blocking oil passages, and sealant was used sparingly. Is there any way the swapped rocker shafts could have some how been part of my problem? I am going to find a different machine shop tomorrow and have them check out the rod and crank. I'm in the long beach L.A. area of CA. if you have a shop to suggest.
Any help would be great, this is starting to get expensive and tiring.
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you can NOT repair these cranks, they just do not survive, they will spin bearings again and again. its possible that crap was still in your oil pump. there are just too many unknowns.
I would not agree with you here. My crank is -0.5mm grinded with undersized rod bearings. And no issues almost 4 years since last repair. And what else is, my car is not daily car, I use it for autocross, track days and time-attacks competitions only. The engine runs on maximum 30-40mins.
I'd say, if you cut and polish precise, measure all oil clearances, balance cranksahft, measure all parts properly and assembly precise... it can be repaired.
you got lucky
by the way.. Toyota officially offers .25 bearings and in repair manual mentioned also the cutting of crank in case of cracks.
@Ub3rD0rk: Trust Smaay, he's Guru.
I know ;)
I'm also repair 2zz engines and have seen plenty with repaired cranks with no probs for several years. You should know also, that in Europe we have millions of Avensis with 1ZZ fitted which is very popular car (as Camry in US?).
Yes, some spins again (1:10?), but guess, mostly due to poor quality of metal-works and assembling.
There is a reason why 0.25mm is the maximum you can go on these cranks. More than that and you are cutting into the chamfered journal edges. As Smaay said consider yourself lucky.
just 2 cents after 3 years :)
now 2014 and still lucky with -0.5 crankshaft :p
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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