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Well I brought my car in last saturday for my 30k mile(im at 32k) maintenance, which costed me $250 without the oil change(had the oil change at 30k). I also got a 4 wheel alignment since I didn't get that done after installing my trd springs. For those of you who are questioning if it is worth the money or not, I'd say it definitely is. My car literally feels like the first day I got it. Everything feels smooth and tight. The alignment did wonders too. My car used to feel like it was hopping a bit when i took hard turns(for some reason i thought it was normal...), but now it takes those turns very smoothly. I was very hesitant to throw away $250 on maintenance, but in the end it was well worth it.

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<FONT size="1"><FONT COLOR="gray">2000 Liquid Silver GT-S 6-speed (Born:April 2000)
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//TRD Springs
//Injen Cold-Air Intake(3rd Gen)</FONT c></FONT s></FONT f>
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