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3rd NVTC charity event 4/24/05 (fairfax)

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3rd NVTC charity event (fairfax)

Wanted to let you guys know that the 3rd annaul charity event is coming up in april. It will be held and Fairfax and benefit the NVTC for mentally and physically handicapped. Last year we raised $1200.00 !

This is not a show it is a meet for charity! so bring that mud covered car or the one drenched in Wax. It's all good.

Buttdyno has helped at the last 2 and will tell you it was a good time. RingIII has also been a huge help for the last couple years as well as the rest of the Celica crew.

A final date is to be set so if you have one in mind let me know(needs to be a weekend).

We will have vendors donating raffle prizes again and food will be there too.


-Jon Pryts

90 NA6
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rdrunr8 said:
Pringles is spose to have like 70 or 80 pics
I hope they get posted
Nice pics butt dyno
JSPITZ said:
Nice pics butt dyno
They are not mine.. the guy with the blue Supra took em.
81 - 84 of 84 Posts
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