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5.7 i-FORCE

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Anybody here that can tell me something about this engine. Lookin for a crew cab. Happen to see a Tundra that might fit the bill.
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Great engine. Strong. My tundra is awesome! Pulls hard, tows well. :shrugs: Gas mileage ain't great but then again I didn't buy a big v8 hoping for it either.
What else do you want to know? Try reading some of the tundra forums you'll get way more info and responses than from here. There are very few of us that actually own one here and have responses based on actuality vs magazine reviews.
Not much different than GD.

I can think of only 3 people here who have a V8 Tundra.
Who is the third??? Boosted, myself, ???
I have an 08 4x4 Tundra doublecab with the 5.7.

It is a truly awesome motor. I have a 24 foot car hauler with a flat front, and I have towed it with more than 4000 pounds in it and the truck never misses a beat. The power is amazing, the brakes are amazing, and the transmission is amazing. Fuel economy is decent when not towing - 15-18 depending on the situation but it does fall off sharply when towing as to be expected.

I absolutely love my Tundra. The comfort, power, handling, braking, off road capabilities - all of them meet or exceed my needs and expectations.

The crewmax is great, but I prefer the extra bed space, and I can fit 3 car seats in the back seat of the double cab just fine.
Quoted because it is all true.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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