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I have two short shift kits I made left over and I have to sell them asap. Some unexpected bills came in and I gotta sell them both fast. I got $170 each on ebay when I sold them but will take offers. Email me at [email protected]. I was selling these same ones on ebay and many of you have seen them on there. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. I would like payment through paypal for whoever buys it. The short shift kits are billet steel and lessen the shift throw incredibly. Read my feedback on ebay about them:

They lower the shift knob to reduce the "flagpole" effect and tighten the shift pattern. The lower rod is also lengthened to tighten the fulcrum that your arm has to move in order to tighten the whole pattern. There is barely any distance between gears with these and I recommend them only for people who want a very small, tight shift pattern. If you like looseness between your gears and a large shift throw you would not like this kit at all. The kit is pictured below here:

This is the kit itself.

This was the stock shift rod in my car.

And this is the short shift kit installed I am selling.

Full installation instructions with detailed pictures will be emailed to the buyers and anyone who is interested can also have a copy upon there request. I need to sell these right away so the first people who get money to me will get them. I may sell more in November as that is the date for my next large production, but it may be pushed into next year. Feel free to contact me. Thank you for looking, Jeremiah
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