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I modified my Tesla Model 3 by myself and share the installation process in the following content, including some details need to pay attention, how to choose the product, knowledge about wheel spacers. The brief video record the process of installation.
Welcome your friendly comments.
In the material, I found two materials are common and many people choose one of them. 7075-T6 and 6061-T6, forged aluminum alloy, I chose 7075-T6 because the quality will better than 6061-T6, also the wheel studs and nuts I choose are the same brand, because the brand carve the logo on the product. The wheel studs are 12.9 grade SCM440 material and the wheel nuts are 40Cr material, I chose bonoss company’s forged active cooling wheel spacers.
For the front wheel, I chose 18mm. Meanwhile, for the rear wheel I chose 25mm. It’s up to yourself, different sizes are ok.
Lift up the car with jack, remove the wheel bolts and uses rust remover and abrasive paper to clean up the wheel hub to make sure the wheel spacers fit perfectly. Install the wheel nuts and wheels back.
Remember to install and remove the wheel nuts diagonally because it force uniform.
As a example of Tesla Model 3, the recommended torque is 140Nm.
The contrast pictures:


After installation, something will change so I will go to check my car regularly.
Thanks for reading this passage.
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