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Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the Super Strut suspension that was offered as a factory modification on the 7th gen Celica. As far as I know this kind of modification was only available on the SSII Celica in Japan, no?
From diagrams on the internet I found out the this type of suspension came with a modified steering rack so, based on the fact that in Japan they drive on the left side of the road and have the steering wheel on the right I deduced that RHD drive cars (UK,Australia, Japan) had 2 types of steering racks available.
Now, my problem is that I drive a LHD car in Europe with Super Strut suspension installed. I can't figure out how anybody managed to install this type of suspension in the car (also, it's a 143bhp GT) without changing all the necessary component.
I am planing a swap back to McPherson because I can't find parts for SS in Europe so I wanted to ask if anybody knows if Toyota installed this type of suspension also on cars with LHD (wheel on the left side, driving on the right side of the road)?
If so, I'll probably also have to swap the rack for a standard one but I am hoping that the previous owner just installed the socks/springs without changing the rack and other components (that would explain some of the knocks that I've been hearing :) ).

Thanks for the help!

Best regards.
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