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Wrecked Celica :D
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So far ive had my celi for 2 years (1 year parked), its been under 3 Major surgeries, 1 broken pressure plate and a fuel pump, and a salvaged title. It also did leave my stranded a 100mi from home, still i wouldnt trade it for anything...maybe an MR-S :drink:
As it sits now (puurrty):

Now the ugly: how i first got the car (Surgery #1)
March 2011

Bought the car with a salvaged title for $2400 with the door pushed in a good 5 inches luckily it didnt hit the pinch railing. TRD sideskirt destroyed, along with anything on that door.

May 2011
Found a Black GT at a junkyard, cut the entire chassis and copy pasted onto mines.
Brought it to my uncles body shop and let him work his magic

Welding the Gt frame onto my GTS chassis

June 2011
finally finished

Funny thing is my celica is all leather.the door we got from the GT, the door panel is cloth, so on one side its leather and the other cloth, pretty cool, best of both worlds

also GTS doors and GT doors are 90% interchangeable, why 90? because theyre exactly the same except the GT door button is 2 inches higher than a GTS. SO that means the door open light will always be on because they dont even touch.

i just drilled 2 inches lower and moved the button down. No problems since

Wrecked Celica :D
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November/ December 2011
Car is running perfect, but looking kinda mleh, bought some blue turn signal stickers from bluebatmobile to make it my own

Got free HIDS as an early christmas gift

April 2012
Went to my first meet, met some amazing friends, and started a group with em "Northeast Region Celicas"

short film at the meet
Credits to Xavier and Adrienne for photography

May 2012
bought a Tanabe strut tower bar and Horty222 spark plug cover

(surgery #2)

in between


Never wire tucked anything in my life before nor solder but for some reason i just thought " let me see if i can break and extend/cut every wire on this harness just to run it under the manifold, itll probally look cool. While im there why not paint the fuel rail and polish the manifold"

Wrecked Celica :D
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June 2012
Pressure Plate Broke something im guessing from the springs. Locked me in one gear at midnight 10 mi from home. clutch was permanetly enganged. i had shut the car off and shift then start the car while moving and repeat at every light, and every traffic jam. worst night ever.

Bought a $650 clutch masters stage 2 kit for no apperant reason except "i want a stiffer clutch pedal, and my inner ricers justifies a 300hp clutch for a bone stock celica"

:dspnt: Dont EVER listen to your inner ricer, worst mistake ive made. The clutch was so powerful i had to 3 options burn out, stall, or break every mount riding clutch vibrating like the earthquake that hit japan. scary. dont even get me started about traffic burning out every 5 seconds or stalling so hard ppl thought i hit an invisible car.

But the power holy crap, that clutch squeezed every hp that engine can pull and made sure not a single one escaped

I sold the clutch kit 3 months later with 600mi for $225 and decided to paint the tranny while i was there and throw in a cheapo $125 clutch kit

July 2012
Went to the beach with a celi friend

August-October 2012
License was suspended due to not paying summons, and insurance took me out so no plates nor insurance...:dspnt: was parked on dirt for 3 months at a friends backyard.

when i finally got it out, the fuel pump shit itself and needed a tow truck to bring it out

Wrecked Celica :D
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October 2012-March 2013
Finally got the car back
No papers, so its gonna be parked for awhile...fvck it why not
  • Gut the interior

  • paint EVERY plastic black

  • remove all the shitty audio wiring and alarm system
    This is just the wiring found in the trunk:marky:

    Before alarm/audio harness that wasnt connected to anything


  • Wire tuck the crap out the car
    surgery #3
    first of all, this is NOT for the faint of heart. this took me 5 months. ive soldered 3 harnesses which is about 100+wires and extended over 70ft of wiring, broke a solder pen and used 5 rolls of electrical tape

    this will be lenghty but ill break it down so you dont have to read a 10 page wire tuck thread with no explanation just pictures.

Wrecked Celica :D
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******before you start this is MY way of wire tucking everyone did it their own way this is my way, i dont take any responsibility for what happens to your car if you mess up*****

Also this is 25% luck 25% technique/exp 100% patience(try not to set your car on fire) 50% creativity( how you rearrange everything inside is all you)

*Balls & heart, big ones....and time lots of time
*Solder GUN no PENS. my gun is 120 wat/250 watt (mines died and they cant solder fat wires which theres a few and you bet their important)
*3 rolls of solder and a tub of solder paste
*like 3+ rolls of 3M electrical tape (get the good stuff, remember this is whats protecting your wires)
* 7 rolls of assorted wire gauge from (12-24) youll be using 20+ more than anything
*a mile worth of heat shrink and a lighter
* some basic tools
* Markers and painters tape
*100 Buckets of zipties and home depot brackets and nuts to hold everything together inside and outside
*other stuff im forgetting

go back to sleep cause your either retarded or just brave to take on this challenge, id say im both

Remove Dash (Yes, its mandatory, takes 4hrs to do)

Make your engine bay look like this

Point of no return...srs
tape EVERY WIRE with the same number twice 3 inches apart from each other like so


you should have this

HOPE TO GOD YOU LABELED EM GOOD, cuz guess whos gonna be wiring em all back

Shove that anaconda down that tiny hole next to your ABS. have bandaids ready lots of em for your knuckles. also its like a game of tetris with redos, EVERY PLUG fits even that jumbo one you just have to find the pattern and go one by one, doesnt fit take out try again, it fits.

Ill use me as an example, this was the last plug

should look like this when they all went in

and this on the inside


Oh Hai
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Like a boss

Wrecked Celica :D
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take a break breath come back in a week because to make it this far takes balls and youre probably thinking you destroyed your did, but did a dam good job doing it

Now take all the plugs you didnt have to cut, and organize them, once organized connect them, every plug fits in one spot none can fit in another

like so

once thats done, SOLDER & HEATSHRINK every wire back with its appropriate wire/#

move everything to where it you want it to be, like a test fit.

ALL accesory wires(wires that belong outside run it thru the hole on fender wall (red black wire im holding) CUT THEM 5 inches before the plug
and label them what color they are so they match up on the other end

before you pass em thru the wall and give each wire 5 ft and connect them where they need to be and solder the plug back in with the correct colors.

secure the harness to the fender wall with home depot supplies and zipties

ON THE INSIDE i made a Sandwich from lowest to top (big fuse block, medium fuse block, small fuse block, ECU) like so

secure the fuse blocks anyway you can, its not hard, just takes some creativity

STEP 6.5
BATTERY RELOCATION to trunk. thats it

Start the car. and cry deeply. in fetal position. while rolling on concrete because you either broke your car or made a man out yourself and brought to life, you manly man you

your car should look like this

Couldnt afford a $250 SRI so painted a random pipe gold while my ebay intake arrived. dont judge me:smug:


Wrecked Celica :D
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5 minute break
heres some cat pictures of a family of stray cats that slept under my car during the 5 months, they were bros

while gutting out the interior (step 1), i found this fortune cookie paper pressed into the chassis as if it became one with it from how long its been there. Ive never been moved by a fortune cookie as much as i did that day.

seriously i felt like i was losing hope, "why am i doing this?! this isnt gonna work? im just destroying my car, still not too late to turn around..." all it took was a fortune cookie to answer all my questions. Just like that all doubt disappeared and i just kept repeating those words till the end of the project, never losing hope, just repeating
"true Bravery is without witness"
you have to be brave to do a wire tuck of this level, its all on you, youre the only artist, noones cheering you on, noone cares, its just you and you. and im freaking proud of me


Work Done, Sexy Time.
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This thread owns cause I :chuckles: a few times and I love DIY.

Wrecked Celica :D
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Your a masochist, you know that. a big one. why would you wanna go further? your car runs. why break it even more?....fine, make the left side of your engine look like this and repeat steps 5-9

This is the final farwell, you putting the lid back on the cookie jar. youre done. Now hopefully you did a good job, because guess whos repeating steps 1-9 all over again :D.....oh right me(well you, im good my car runs like a manly fart...slow and loud, prob annoy a few ppl but appreciated by the few bros)....

Put it all back together. arm the interior, and put the dash back

unlike you guys im smart. during the downtime with the dash out i got my center console, shifter surround and cargo cover wrapped in wannabe burberry

and i also removed the radio because silence/engine revving > music (sometimes)
so a lil birdie got stick in the empty space

Wrecked Celica :D
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Finally done with the tutorial, have fun breaking your car lol jk any questions go on the wire tuck thread, seriously they know their shit,

fyi my harness are wrapped in 9 layers (tape,tape, more tape, plastic harness tube, more tape, coolant hose *i went there*, more tape, more plastic harness tube, and tape)

Look at your wrist...thats the size of my harness running under the fenders. nothings getting through that cuz im not doing steps 1-9 again

March 2013-April 2013
Car needed a new paint job. i mean it WAS in:
*a car accident
*sitting in junkyard for 6 months
*had soccer mon dents and scratches from them parking or attempting to atleast
*sitting in a strangers backyard for 3 months
*sitting in my drive way through fall, winter and now spring
*car is just dirty i ran out of reasons so yea screw you, back to the body shop it goes

took this opportunity to remove the front licensce plate and shave the front bumper

Me and a friend decided to take the down time and put some elbow grease.
i did the manifold, he did the strut bar, gave it a lil refresh


Wrecked Celica :D
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MAY 2013

i like this monkey. he looks like me when i think about what else i can do to my car, so i made a list

*fix the stock 4x4 doriiiffftoo mobile and lower it on shitty racelands cuz lol poor
*get some varrstonen wheels with a staggered set up and a stretch
*stickerbomb my hatch handle, will be done VERY soon
*get a new shift knob
*get a double din radio and subwoofer
*wrap headliner and rear triangles
*wait till engine blows or i crash the car so i can buy an MR-S and swap my 2zz into it and revive the car again for 4th time

Wrecked Celica :D
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howd you remove the front license plate from the trd bumper? always wanted to do it, just bondo?
get a piece of steel to cover up the hole and give a base for the bondo, and uh...bondo it. im just observed the body shop guy do it but thats what i saw
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