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Step 1 - Clean the fittings at both ends of the old lines thoroughly. This will keep your seating surfaces clean when you disconnect them

Step 2 - Take a picture of how the old lines are mounted and routed and then remove the old lines. Use line wrenches so as not to round off the fittings.
This is a line wrench - notice you it makes full contact on 4 faces and partial contact on the other two (Note this is NOT the size wrench you will need - you will need a 10mm):

Step 3 - Install the new lines. Use the line wrenches again. Pay attention to the routing to be sure they are not twisted or mis routed.

Step 4 - bleed the brakes. There are various tutorials out there on how to do this. You will need 2 people. 3 if you want a person dedicated to keeping fluid full. The basic essentials are:
A - do not let the reservoir run dry while bleeding - keep checking it
B - start at passenger side rear, then drivers side rear, then passenger side front then drivers side front. Repeat this order at least 2 or 3 times.
C - Use a bleeding device that has a hose attached to the bleeding nipple on the brakes. This should be a clear hose that is mounted in such a way that it runs vertically away from the caliper. This will let air bubbles in the line move up and away from the caliper and will keep fluid on top of the nipple at all times. I like these cheap manual bleed assisters:
D - have a friend pump the brakes up and then apply pressure to the pedal. Then open the bleed valve and let the fluid and air out. then close the valve. Once the valve is closed the pedal friend can release the pedal, pop it back up and start pumping again to build pressure.

Step 4 - double check everything and be sure you have a very firm pedal before driving. Stopping is the most important part of driving. If you have any doubt about the job being done right take your car to a professional. Do NOT drive ti with a soft or sinking pedal as it can get you and others killed.

Helpful tips from your Uncle Dave
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