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A Reply From Golden Eagle

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Their reply,

Dear Ken,

We are very interested in making products for the new Celica's! Tell me
what you would like to see produced? I haven't had a chance to get me hands
onone for prototyping, but maybe you could help me out and in turn, help all
new Celica owners out! Please contact me (909) 592 - 4311 or e-mail
[email protected] anytime. I am more than willing to help bring this
great car to new levels. Thanks for your interest and hope to hear from you

Vince Tiaga
Product Manager
Golden Eagle Racing
( a division of Golden Eagle Mfg. )
[email protected]
(909) 592 - 4311 Work
(626) 945 - 6632 Cell
(909) 599 - 4692 Fax
We got a lead, I'm going to ask if they can produce some sleeves for us. It would be nice to have sleeves that can be bored out a bit. If anyone has a block they can spare for a prototype, hit them up. I'll be back wtih more information.


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Celica motor big bores!

If the distance between centers is in fact 87.5mm, then you could safely go 84.5 mm for race only all-motor stuff. Probable 83-83.5mm for turbo and street use! Rulse of thumb, distance between centers minus 3mm is the biggest bore you can run for race only all motor stuff. Turbo or street use is then minus 1mm from that! Get it? Got it!
To get the displacement, I would need to know the stroke of the motor, then I could get the overall displacement. If you can, also let me know what the stock specs are of the entire motor. Thanks.
Increasing the bore size 1mm ( 83mm ) will result in a 46cc increase taking it from 1796cc to 1842cc or 1.842 Liters. Not alot, but noticable. The way this motor looks, most of your power upgrading is going to be from stroking or boosting, both of which are beneficial to have beefier sleeves in anyways!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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