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Decided to take a run from Fresno to Oakdale Friday for a catfish dinner with my daughter at Shively’s Bar & Grill. 99 to Modesto then Oakdale and out on highway 120 just north of Oakdale. A boring 2 hour drive but great deep fried catfish, brews, a couple games of pool, and a pleasant visit with my daughter.
I decided to go home a different way Saturday morning. A leisurely cruise up 108/120 toward Sonora then taking the 120 toward Yosemite. My plan was to take 49 at the Don Pedro Power plant but Groveland was having their annual ’49er Festival, Chili & Salsa Cook-off. People all over the place. Besides, the grade is a nice road to drive. Up and back then to 49. Virtually no traffic on 49 until I got to Mariposa then a nice cruise to Oakhurst and highway 41. Surprisingly, 41 traffic was better than I anticipated and moving along nicely. Home... a nice drive and a clear head.
The Celica ran great. This was the longest trip since I got it. (309 miles/31.95 mpg) Overall, I'm a happy camper.

I just realized, As an automotive photographer, I spotted all these great backgrounds for photographing cars but I was so into the drive, I didn't even think to stop take pics of my Celica. Duhhh...

I guess I'll just have to make another trip down 49. :applaud:
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