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Anyone else use this yet? I'm blown away by the improvements, especially in ACR. It's changed the way I process my pics, for the better.

Auto white balance is noticeably improved, giving a slight warmth instead of making an image too cool. Of course, if you take a picture of something that's one color and it takes up a good portion of the image, it'll throw AWB off.

The addition of the White slider is amazing. I don't have to go digging in Parametric Curves anywhere near as much to bring up the highlights and whites without bringing up the overall exposure, then having to mess with the shadows, etc.

The Clarity slider is finally fixed, eliminating ghosting in all but the highest settings (which also look a bit HDR-like).

Chromatic abberation reduction is noticeably improved as well, even eliminating any adjustability, and I've yet to find a situation where I actually need to have the sliders back.

I've also noticed you can now batch process images through Bridge independently of PS. Before, you had to wait for PS to finish processing to do anything else. Big time saver for me, since I do a lot of batch stuff with hundreds of pics.

The final big change, and the most epic, is the ability to use the Adjustment Brush AND Graduated Filter with even more options than before. You can now adjust white balance and noise/moire reduction, which is very significant. Need to correct and image with two lighting sources of different color temps without negatively affecting one or both? Cranked up the shadows too much, but don't want to blur the highlights with noise reduction? No problem!

ACR7 has significantly cut down my processing time, and improved my results at the same time. Wonder if the release version will have any other improvements...

Haven't messed too much wth PS, but the enhanced GPU acceleration is noticeable with rendering times (as long as you have enough free RAM).

Also tried the wide angle lens correction, which blows my mind with how easy it is to use. Defished my Samyang 8mm 3.5 accurately with less than 30 sec of work. The hardest part is probably when you don't have a reference for straight lines. You need at least 4 (top, bottom, left, right) to get an accurate correction, but it's also possible to guesstimate.

Background saving is great, too. You can keep working while something else is saving. I've heard there's an auto-save option, too, but haven't found it yet.

All in all, PS/ACR CS6 is a much more worthy step up than CS5 was. Hopefully Adobe will continue with innovations of this level to actually make continual upgrading worth it (due to their price change plan).
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