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Yep :/ drilling into our bumpers is like sneezing on the Mona Lisa :faint:

i thought cali you can have tints? just nothing below 30% like MD?
Nope! You can't have any tint at all. Usually cops won't be that big of assholes and pull you over for just the tint (depending on the area, of course, but not in my area, at least), but if they pull you over for anything else, they'll cite you for that while their at it since they have nothing better to do.

Some say you can have 35% or less in the back and nothing up front, but when I asked the officer, he just said all tint is illegal except for the transparent stuff that blocks the UV rays. I think he was playing it safe for the most part, but I'm sure most cops might let you slide with 35% since it's not super dark.
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