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Aladdin A-2000 Alarm w/ Remote Start
I had a bunch of these and sold most of them, I have one left. I've had one on my car for about 6 months now and it works very well. Haven't had any problems with it yet. I know alot of people haven't heard much about it, but it's a nice alarm. For a list of features you can check out their website at
Does just about everything that a Compustar does. If you have any questions about the install or the quality of the alarm, you can also ask Dennis @ ClubRSX (Sportrax 400EX). He did the install for mine and another RSX and says he liked the alarm more than the Compustars that he's installed.

I'm only looking to get around $200 shipped. Or you can make me a REASONABLE offer. This is a brand new alarm, never been installed. The box is a little beat up though from sliding around in the back of my car for a while.
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