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In what has become an April ritual, thousands of people from around the region -- and the country -- made a pilgrimage yesterday to Solomons Island, a tiny village of 40 families at the southernmost tip of Calvert County, to celebrate the seasonal reopening of the Tiki Bar. They came by boat, car, plane and by foot -- 4,000 men and women drawn to an open-air brown wooden shack that seats 94.


The people who clogged the only road onto the island yesterday, clustering in the street around the bar, its pier and in its two-acre parking lot, were a varied group. They included college students, couples, military personnel from the naval air station, out-of-town workers temporarily employed at the nearby Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant and the boaters -- those who moor their speedboats, fishing boats, cabin cruisers and even yachts around the island. They decorated the pier with pink flamingos and their motorcycles with balloons.

"It's a strange group of people," said Jim Gscheidle, who has been watching the phenomenon from his Lazy Moon Bookshop on the main road. "

Yikes!!! 4000 ppl on solomon's island?!!? Were you thinking of parking on the shore and swimming over?? :chuckles:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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