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All Trac Celica

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Toyota has designed a 4WD Celica model with a turbocharged to take part in the World Rally Championship. The model made its first appearance in 1988 under the name of GT-4, it’s standard edition had a four-cylinder engine with 16 valves.

The Celica was front-wheel car – easy to control and an additional drive gear for two other wheels made it even more vivid, even though it was more expensive. Toyota launched the All-Trac in 1900, it was a more powerful vehicle with active suspension. It demonstrated great results in the rally of early 1990s, won a lot of racing tournaments and finally took the first place at World Rally Championship in 1993. By that time the coupe was both fast and reliable when driving through narrow twisty streets. There was a large air intake at the hood for the intercooler and the turbocharger used a smart method of balancing the flow with two exhaust valves of different diameter. Excellent running gear was able to handle the power of 224 kW. Read more...
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