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amp under seat?

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has anyone mounted their amp under the passenger seat? is this a good place to mount it in terms of heat dissipation?

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I haven't mounted one there, and depending on the amp, it shouldn't be a problem. If the amp isn't a "hot" amp, it should be fine. If it's an amp that will get too hot to touch, don't put it there. Worse case, you could always add a fan from a computer to move the air around to help cool it.

I agree, it should be fine... I planned on doing the same thing (on the passenger side back floor with the seat overlapping it when it's pushed backwards but I ended up just building a custom amp deck in the trunk cause I needed another amp.
do u have pics of that amp rack? i'd like to get some ideas for myself...
I should have em in a week or two. I plan on shooting about 100 pics of my car at an Import show that's coming up. I'll be sure to post em up. I'm still finishing off the trunk with strobes and stuff so give me a bit...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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