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I think its OK to vent frustrations on the messageboard, but I try to keep any emails/calls to these companies as professional as possible. Even though I STILL think GReddy is absolutely wrong to neglect the Celica, I at least respect that they are trying to explain their mindset in their replies to me. Here's an email they sent yesterday:

No, don't get me wrong, we love to here from our customers. We actually want to hear from them and see what type of products they would be interested in. That is why we try to answer as much email as we can. And we still answer our phone lines with real people (not some confusing automated system). We usually have surveys at consumer shows as well. We just hate to hear "You suck for not making products for may car."
I recommend you have everyone make good relationships with a good creditalbe tuner shops (preferably an Authorized GReddy dealer, not just the cheapest place you can find, that will not be there next week) and purchase other products for your car from them, and then ask about new parts, or other parts you would like to see. Eventually the dealer will start asking their vendors (aftermarket manufactures like us) to supply them with parts for there customers.
Then when we look at our exhaust sales for the Celica, we can say "wow look at all the Celica exhaust that went out. We should make more stuff for this car."
I know it must seem frustrating, but I remember back when I started in early 90s, I could not find a good exhaust for my first car a 89 Civic Si ... image that nothing for a Civic!, only muscle car stuff. My friends and I visted Buick Grand National Companies for help with turbo charging our imports. Look at the industry now. With 10 years of good Honda history, we are flood with aftermarket parts.
You just have to give the industry time. You have to admit, previous Celicas and other Toyotas of late were not great cars for aftermarket products (except the Supra TT). I will admit it is sometimes hard for the decision makers to get out of that bad rut. But if the Celica is as popular as you say, you will definitely see more parts ... trust me.
I am not sure how other aftermarket companies go about make new products, but here at GReddy we definitely try to give the customer what he/she wants.
I'll also admit we don't go making a lot of project cars, with products we never plan to make, like some companies. So once we decide on a plan, we invest all all resources into making the best product we can, and eventually it will make to the customer.
So, I hope you can help me, pass onto other Celica Enthusiast that GReddy is keeping an eye out on the situation and we are considering many new projects, but in Japan's tough economy we do have to be a bit reserved with our line ups, because it is a business after all, and we want to around helping car lovers enhance their cars for a long time.


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Hmm. The REAL reason presents its self. You know they could'a spared the harrassement if they didn't make excuses. The whole reason people got pissed was because they said it couldn't be done, then they went around and made one for the RSX which is the exact same type of engine set up. They really dug their own graves, and now they want us to believe that they are good guys, after giving us the run around, after telling us they only reason is because the tight engine bay and exhaust manifold. I'm sorry, but they can go screw themselves. They decided to lie, they decided to lose potiential customers. You cant take back what they said. Tough luck GReddy, you'll find out soon enough that the Aftermarket for the Celica will b BIG, and wont include any of your stuff. Granted we dont want it!

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so in 10 years we'll have a good aftermarket for the celica? hehe

Greddy on based on the Japanese company Trust... in Japan the previous generation celica was a badass car. It had a very capable 4 cylinder turbo engine as an option... don't understand his comment about the Supra tt being the only decent toyota to mod. What about the old MR2?

Greddy is probably getting smacked around by the higher ups at Trust. Because the celica isn't a popular car in Japan they probably aren't allowed to develope for it here.

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I guess the AE86 Corolla Coupe/Levin/Trueno wasn't a great car to mod either, nor the MR-2's, or the Altezza, The Aristos (GS300/400), the turbo starlets....

i think as far as celica history goes, all you need to remind them is that the celica GT4 had the 3S-GTE, probably one of the best 4 cylinder engines on the planet, and kicked some major ass in WRC, and TRD used the lighter 3S-GTE in some supras for racing and it was in the MR2.

tell them there was no lack of aftermarket for those older cars because most, if not all, was in-house leftover stuff by TRD from their racing programs.

you gotta let 'em know the 2ZZ-GE is being drag-raced by TRD, and is gonna be in other platforms (the Matrix, and even in a Pontiac), and even moreso overseas. it would just be stupid of them to completely ignore this and wait for huge demand. they don't have huge demand for the RSX. they just feel like they SHOULD have products out for it cuz it's a honda.

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I'm not trying to say that emailing greddy is a bad idea, but maybe we are talking to the wrong people? I know that with most companies, the people in customer service don't make the decesions for the company. Sometimes the only reason why they have customer service, is to that the management doesn't have to deal with customers. Unfortunatly they can get out of touch with what the people really want, but that's just the way it is......Well at least with my company..I know our customer service has no say, and if they customer has a valid complaint, the customer service rep is left to make up excuses, becuase their manager doesn't want to hear it.

Sounds like we need to make friends with someone on the developement team.
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