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Yeah, I ordered the pistons at the same time as I had the block sleeved, so MWR bored/honed them for the wisecos. It's not a huge deal if I lose a little bit of power, plus if it'll run on the stock ECU, then I can get the break-in done and enjoy the 2ZZ sans turbo until I've got the funds to hook it up, in which case I'll be ahead of the curve with the low CR pistons all ready to go.
I would just assemble what you have and get it broken in and drive it a while then.

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So after an extensive amount of time with no progress on this project and further lack of funds due to children, I'm thinking about selling my assortment of engine build parts, specifically: turbo kit
-MWR sleeved block
-Wiseco 10:0 pistons
-MWR valves
-MWR springs
-Moroso Oil Pan
-255 lph fuel pump
-OEM timing chain tensioner
-OEM timing chain
-New lift bolts
-MWR chromoly flywheel
-MWR main bearings
-MWR rod bearings
-ARP head studs
-ARP main studs
-ARP flywheel bolts
-TODA oil pump
-550 CC DeatschWerks injectors

All of the above parts are new and disassembled, with the exception of the used turbokits kit. I guess technically the block is used too, but was hot tanked and sleeved. I also have a disassembled head. Anyone interested in some parts? I'll be posting up a FS thread soon, but need to take about one million pictures and kind of want to gauge interest. I'll probably cross post over at spyderchat too.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts