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Originally posted by LinK
Also wondering whats the difference between Super and Turbo charged? I heard Supercharge was always on, which can be bad. And turbo charge only activates at high rpms? Not sure.

If i was to get my celica a super/turbo charge, What would be the best option?
Both are always on, but the supercharger is effective all the time (powered by the belt system), while the turbo needs to spin/spool up (powered by exhaust gasses) enough to gain significant power. Turbos are generally more efficient than superchargers, so they'll make more top end power, but superchargers are always on, so they'll make more low end power. A supercharger's top end power is determined by its efficiency. The current aftermarket supercharger kits made for the Celica aren't very efficient, but you could get a custom kit made that would perform much better (close to the power of a turbo).

IMO, you should be knowledgible about the system you're going to install before you buy it. They can be kinda unreliable (turbos especially), and can easily wreck an engine with the wrong settings. The repair costs can rack up if you don't know how to fix the problems that may pop up by yourself.
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