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haven't heard anything about these in a while, and was just wondering if the newly designed ones (from the vote a while back) were gonna get made. keep me updated...

<FONT COLOR="blue">2000 Carbon Blue Celica GTS 6-Speed</FONT c>
<FONT size="1">Injen CAI | Kamanari Front + Wings West Sides and Rear | HKS Hiper Exhaust | 18" ALT X-Philes w/Yokohama Paradas | TRD Springs | S2000 Antenna | Alpine CDA7875 CD Player | Blitz Power Meter | Blue StreetGlow Neons Under Dash | APC Clear Corners w/PIAA Bulbs | Super White Bulbs All Around | TRD Carbon Fiber Shift Knob | Autometer Shift Light | TRD Japan Oil Cap | Custom Painted Engine and Interior | Alpine V12 Amp w/2 Alpine XR 10's (waiting to be installed) | Autodynamic Reverse Indiglo Gauge Faces (waiting to be installed)| TRD Short Shifter (waiting to be installed) | Wings West V-Line Wing (ordered)
<FONT COLOR="red">representing Team Catastrophic
click here for pics
</FONT s></FONT c>

i havnet received anything back yet.. ill give em another week before i bug em again..

<IMG SRC="" border=0>
my pics
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